Dominica .. A miracle of nature

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Dominica is one of the more mountainous Caribbean nations with nine volcanos, natural hot springs, including the second –largest boiling lake in the world, and tropical rainforests.  Dominica has a river for you to visit for every single day of the year. While you may never be tempted to leave, with the passport to this nation, enjoy visa free travel to over 135 nations including the Schengen countries!  In terms of language, English is the dominant language, this is an ideal Island to bring your family if you wish to also speak French, or have your children learn a second or third language. Your children may enjoy universal education and later on have access to private international universities that offer a variety of programs including the study of traditional and herbal medicine. More than this, on a cultural level you and your family will enjoy a variety between French, Caribbean, British and African. Diversity makes for good culinary experiences and entertainment, including music and carnivals.

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