Engineering Career Planning



Global Gates will help you planning your future career in Canada. If you are an engineer in your home country and you want to continue working in your field of experience in Canada, we can guide you through the available career pathways.

Using your profession to make leaps across the Globe can be a wonderful way to migrate with a secure and bright future in your career. However, all too often host countries are not clear on their guidelines and once you arrive, you are left with the terrible surprise of having a worthless degree. Famous examples of this is the abundant amount of doctors who become cab drivers in the Americas. Don’t let this be you! When it comes to career planning and strategic migration, let Global Gates show you the way. We will ensure that you have the proper degree recognition before you uproot your entire life. We will assist you in finding the best location in terms of career opportunities and family lifestyle. With Global Gates, you take care of your intelligence and we make sure it is put to good use.


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