Citizenship by Investment

Global Gates plans your citizenship by investment. We understand that you have a dream to open the gates of freedom to travel the globe, have an abundance of choices and to live in luxury. We are here to make this dream a reality for you and your family. We have assisted hundreds of wealthy individuals relocate to acquire citizenship. We are your access through the borders gated around the world. We are your access to Global Gates.


What is citizenship by investment?

Citizenship by investment allows you to get your citizenship (new passport) in a much faster time period than residency by investment. In some cases, you can get your citizenship in 45 days! However, as a rule of thumb, the countries who demand a greater waiting period prior to extending their citizenship, generally have more visa free global travel options, stronger health care systems, more options for education, among other benefits. For many, the choice of investment comes down to weighing options in terms of speed and lifestyle variety.

Citizenship by investment by definition allows you to exchange your financial wealth in exchange for a passport. This is one of the fastest ways to secure freedom for you and your family. It is equally more safe than applying for residency through investment because unlike residency, you cannot lose your citizenship once it has been given to you.

Government Contribution: Many nations will allow you to give a government contribution to be held or fully donated in exchange for a fast track to citizenship: in some cases as quick as 45 days! Read More

Real-Estate: Through the purchase of valuable real-estate many countries will provide you with a citizenship as they value you faith in their property market. Read More

Time To Citizenship
Antigua3-4 months
Dominica9-12 months
Grenada3-4 months
Republic of Cyprus
3 months
Sainte Lucia
3-4 months
Saint Christopher and Nevis (Saint Kitts and Nevis)4-6 months
Bulgaria Fast track
24 months
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