Residency by Investment

Global Gates plans your residency by investment. We understand that you have a dream to open the gates of freedom to travel the globe, have an abundance of choices and to live in luxury. We are here to make this dream a reality for you and your family. We have assisted hundreds of wealthy individuals relocate to acquire residency. We are your access through the borders gated around the world. We are your access to Global Gates.

As residents of a nation, you and your family are still citizens of your home country. During your period of residency, often referred to as permanent residency, you and your family will benefit from a wide variety of the socio-economic conditions of the host nation such as health care benefits, have access to the labor market (which means you can live and work anywhere in the nation), use the education system with nearly the same advantages as a citizen, and benefit from the socio-economic safety and security.

What is residency by investment?

Residency by investment is a process that puts you on a path to citizenship however you must first become a resident of the country. Depending on the country, as a resident, you must spend time living within the country each year, for a determined amount of years before qualifying for citizenship

Residency by investment requires you to make a substantial financial investment in order to qualify you are a permanent resident of a given nation. The monetary amount varies per nation as do the policy guidelines. Not every nation offers each of these options, however, to best understand their meanings, consider the following:

Government Contribution: many nations will allow you to give a government contribution to be held or fully donated in exchange for a fast track to permanent residency (PR). The minimum investment amount varies per nation as does the waiting period before receiving your PR. Read More

Real-Estate: With the purchase of real estate, many nation will put you on a path to permanent residency. The value of the property and the duration before getting your PR will vary from country to country. Read More

Business Purchase: When you purchase or start a business, you bring your expertise to another country and you also stimulate the economy by injecting capital and providing employment in their labor market. This is a dream investment for many nations as it lifts their economy in a unique manner. It equally provide you with the opportunity to continue your business per usual in a country with more economic freedom and luxury. It is a win-win by all counts. Read More


 Time To Residence
Time To Citizenship
Quebec – Canada36 months
7 years
United States of America4-6 months
6 years
Bulgaria6-12 months
6 years
Kingdom of Spain2 Months
10 Years
Portugal3-6 months
7 years
United States of America12- 18 Months
8 Years
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