Residency by Business Ownership

When you purchase or start a business, you bring your expertise to another country and you also stimulate the economy by injecting capital and providing employment in their labor market. This is a dream investment for many nations as it lifts their economy in a unique manner. It equally provides you with the opportunity to continue your business per usual in a country with more economic freedom and luxury. It is a win-win by all counts. Global Gates will be present form beginning to end in this investment by advising you on which sectors are most suited for you and subsequently connecting you to business realtors that can be trusted. Global gates will equally connect you to our most trusted partners to do any required due diligence. We are here to ensure that your investment is strong and secure. Our team will ensure to take care of all application are taken care of with accuracy. And of course, Global Gates will assist you from beginning to end to ensure that you and your entire family have a smooth transition process.

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